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Matter and Repulsion

Matter and Repulsion: Newton's Cradle

What is matter, and how can we think of matter? ‘Matter’ is not something real in the sense that it can be given in our experience. It is not something that we can feel, touch or see as we see this apple tree or this cat. Matter is an ‘abstraction,’ as they say, or an …

Time, Motion and Matter

Time, Motion and Matter: Skater

From the way in which time and space are given to us, we can also ‘deduce’ two other new necessary thought contents: motion and matter. If we come back to the initial content of our pure representations of space and time, they are magnitudes in which there is no difference. As an empty space, space …

Principles, Logic, and Blunders

Principles, logic and blunders: Astonished Man

The previous part of this article can be read here. When scientists claim they have proven the non-existence of free will, they commit a blatant fallacy, which only they cannot see. What they do is pretend to prove what they have already assumed, even before the smallest first step of any demonstration. They say: ‘See …