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On Epicureanism

On Epicureanism: Statue of Epicurus

People have always sought the highest Good in life. Epicureanism was one of the philosophical streams that had an important influence on the Western tradition of thought. This conception stresses that the highest Good in life is pleasure and the highest evil is pain. While maintaining this, it avails of some arguments that it takes …

Moral Values and Worldviews

Moral Values: Coffee Mug

We nourish the idea that the values of good and evil are based only on social customs, that there are no Good and Evil in themselves. This is a view that is based, in its turn, on a materialist worldview. Let’s see if such a view can furnish a basis for the idea that moral …

We, the Robots

We, the Robots: Humanoid Robot

Some people deny free will exists. Let’s see what it would mean to accept that there is no free will for the whole of society and for yourself.  In this case, no criminal or murderer could be convicted, because he could always argue that he was not responsible for his crime, but that guilt belongs …