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Values and Spirit

Values and Spirit

We live in an age that promotes life and life values. In this respect, we interpret ourselves according to the now dominant Darwinian paradigm exclusively as organic beings whose society, culture, and thoughts are rooted in organic impulses, having their inceptions in animals. We think of ourselves as animals: as highly evolved animals, certainly, but …

Why Humans Are Conflictual Beings

Why Are Humans Conflictual Beings: Woman

Life is based on dispositions and necessities, and satisfying them. Reactions or impulses might be counted among dispositions. We do not know what animals or plants feel or ‘think’ unless we take into account the sentient part of our person, especially our body. We imagine that animals feel and ‘think’ somehow similarly to how we …

Moral Values and Worldviews

Moral Values: Coffee Mug

We nourish the idea that the values of good and evil are based only on social customs, that there are no Good and Evil in themselves. This is a view that is based, in its turn, on a materialist worldview. Let’s see if such a view can furnish a basis for the idea that moral …